Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is a story I cannot make up my mind about. Was it a positive experience or not?

Let me introduce Filippa, 18 years old and lived in this cage for 17 years and 10 months. She had never been out, always on a concrete floor. Her cage friends started to stalk her since they started to understand that her spirit was becoming weak. AWL got their hospice, and Simona and Martina asked me if we could take Fillippa. Of course! It hurt my heart to understand that she was 2 months old when she entered that shelter.

She went to Dr Damiani for a health check up, then to a groomer and later that day to AWL hospice. So much in one day....she was exhausted. Sleep and excellent food, medicine, she slept outside, she slept inside. She didn't understand were she was, or who I was.

After one week, she wagged her tail. She let the puppies eat from her plate, and did nothing. When we tried to lift her up she thought we were the dogs that had tormented her, and she looked like a barracuda when she bit in the air after us. Never to harm, only to defend.

She became weaker. My intention is not to keep them alive, my goal is to give them a painless and positive ending.

After one and half weeks at AWL's Hospice, I realized she was getting much weaker. I called the lady who had had her for 17 years and 10 months in her shelter, telling her that now was the time. I carried Fillippa inside Dr Damiani's clinic in her first and only bed she had had in our hospice.

Filippa, finally after so many years --- your whole life --- in captivity you are a free spirit. Enjoy running with the air touching your face. I love you.

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