Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Dino was found in a pack of stray dogs in the streets of Naples. He was about 2 months, he’s about 4 now.
I am learning to trust life, can you help me?

. He is not house broken/trained, ( I saw him peeing in the house, but I did not feel like correct him, because I did not want to traumatize him even more).

Dino is a very happy dog but also shy. He doesn’t trust humans, and why should he? God only knows the cruelty he had to endure in his first months of life.

He loves sitting and sleeping by me on the carpet ( not too close though), loves being petted ( when I can get hold of him), and playing with other dogs. His favorite buddy is Doby!!!! (Look at the yesterdays blog)
He is together with Lea, Julian and Doby and doing great in the pack, they are teaching him to grow up! That's Amore

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