Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mission Clean Shelter

When you click on this image to enlarge, you can see how many flies that were covering the bowls and table... everything. The whole place was covered with black flies, and it was difficult not to complain. The team was fantastic never a complaint about the smell, flies, worms and dirt. They washed dogs, and started to help with cleaning some of the cages. Also, cutting off big hair "dreadlocks" on the dogs.

Everywhere hung these bottles with a liquid to attract the flies, and it must have worked, they were all filled thick with the flies, but there were so many more. "No vacancy" I guess :)~ You could see the big mass crawling on each other, it was like living cola. It felt like being in the African bush. The dogs seemed to be used to it. Or maybe just resigned to the buzzing nuisance.

One of AWL's volunteers, Kristin, grabbed the hose and started to wash out the red/orange piles with feces and worms. Some dogs threw up, tongues were bleeding, one dog couldn't pee from the pain. Rossella was walking on her knees, "dog" tired. She tells us her veterinarian charges a lot of money for each dog he examines --- and people are dumping dogs outside her gate, but not donations.
Oliva was with us and was in charge of the puppy section. Thank you Keegan and Jackie for keeping an eye on her. You all were and are a super team.

Rebeca, Lindy, Jackie, Keegan, Kristin, Kristine, Eric and Don, you were wonderful and hardworking yesterday. Thank you so much.

Keegan: thank you for the shampoo and gloves. Jackie: towels, cake and snacks. Kristin: fly prevention, collars, and litter box. Eric and Keegan: for donations to the fridge to keep the vaccinations and medicine at the shelter.

Everyone, thank you so much for your hard and perseverance on a hard, smelly, sweaty, fly-infested day. You guys are my heroes.

For more pictures, please check out my personal blog entry for the day.

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