Saturday, April 4, 2009

AWL - Shelter Cleaning Mission

Animals Without Limits mobilized volunteers from the US Navy and NATO communities here to help clean another area shelter and take care of the dogs there. This shelter was in much better condition than the "terrible shelter" in January, but had taken in many of those "terrible shelter" dogs, filling the shelter beyond designed capacity.

Thank you all great volunteers for today's mission. You did all a truly wonderful job.
Kristine, Rosa with boyfriend, Keegan, Jackie with neighbor. Siron and Brown, great job!

Dareen did an excellent grooming job, cutting the fur.

Vania and her husband with friends (3), you did a tough job very well.

Cleaning and brushing the dogs. Washing their cages and houses. Many were emotionally touched by the dogs and we hope we gave them a sunny day. They sure gave us a lot of Amore.
The dog "Fiora" was quickly everyone's favorite. Abandoned with her brother by their English owner when they moved to Hawaii (actually left them in their vacant apartment!!). She is around two years-old and so affectionate and well behaved. This dog truly deserves an owner to love forever!

Sarah and Bruce making lunch for the dogs.
In total, the team finished cleaning and taking care of approximately 70 dogs, and cleaning their cages (around 20). We plan to go out again in 3 weeks to finish the job, and hopefully power-wash the pens as well.


Kristine Willis said...

Dear Mia, thank you for creating AWL, you are right volunteering is "food for the soul." I was so blessed by today, I would rather spend anyday helping you and these dogs than anything else I have done here in Italy, please keep me posted on the next event.
Cheerio, Love Kristine Willis-Bertagnoli

Mother in Action said...

You are the wonderful spirit that gave many souls love and sunshine. Thank you so much for your kind words,and we love to have you with us on next Mission.