Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 Urgent please this is urgent. Never would we have thought this would happen.

Remember we talked about the happy Church dogs? 2 female that AWL had spayed and rescued all the puppies, and then a male turned up Jumbo that loved the girls and they loved him. They lived happy there together, the church people gave them food and love and AWL medications. 

Today we received the tragic news that they got a new Pries and he does not want the dogs there. He will call the police!!!! We know what that means. Horrible shelter and never coming out again.
The two female are safe to a home but we have Jumbo.

He is a young male, full of love and we need a home or a foster right away. This is the sweetest thing ever.

We will help with all costs if you can help us take him away from the fact that he will end up behind bars.
He is a happy stray. I have met him. 

Send email to Mia;

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