Tuesday, July 8, 2014


OH we are so happy!! I think the new owner to trixi and Moose are happier than us.

Remember the story about Trixi the Basset Hound mix brought up fro Italy.
She had a family but the family left back to the States and left her in a fosterhome. The foster-home contacted me asking to help find a home for Trixi. They had tried for one year but people thought she was to old?!?@! 7 years-old
We brought her up to Germany, treated her and my very good friend Tove and her Per adopted Trixi. Trixi stayed in my home for 3 weeks and we got so attached to her. She is the most wonderful dog I ever met. My children adored her.
Per drove down from Stockholm to Souther Germany and Picked her and Moose up and returned the next day. Amazing people!
Moose parents linked up and everything went wonderful.

We get every day updates and everyone are so happy and adores their new members.

That's Amore!

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