Wednesday, February 26, 2014


They were locked up for 13 years. Thanks to AWL they got out and got a wonderful place at our Hospice. No cages only bedrooms and living-rooms, garden, warm dog beds, great food and love. Love from all our wonderful volunteers, that cares and makes a difference.

Sunny (white male) is dying. Even if we know that helping Senior dogs means a short time. Maybe short for us but long for them. Cher (brown female) was locked in the cage together with him for 13 long years. Can you imagine?

She knew long time before us that Sunny is "shutting" down, and she wont leave his side. She licks him, looks after him...calm and loving.

I said to my volunteer yesterday, that each dog (Senior) has (is) taught us a lot about different personalities. I love them, I adore them

That's Amore!

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