Monday, January 20, 2014


 We would love a pet-walker for our Seniors, and also to help the volunteers not to have to lift strays/rescue dogs in the car. It can be dangerous to lift up a stranger dog by a stranger person. But also to help our Seniors to get into the car easier without having to jump.
 Paper towels! I don't know how much paper towel we are going through every week. Always a must! And, smelling strong and clean floor detergent would be fantastic.
Some of our clients do have a lot of energy and need walks. Even if they are Seniors doesn't mean they want to stay in a small garden. Its like keeping athletic grandma locked into her room!

If you want to donate money please earmark the donation and we will publish the pictures together with a thank you. (Paypal and also here on our blog) (donera)

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