Monday, September 23, 2013


 Earlier we wrote about the four girls that were left in a shelter/kennel by their owner when he returned home. Mom Rosie had been rescued from the streets 2009 and her two puppies.
 We couldn't let them get more depressed since we knew their story and had met them 2009. AWL did not adopt these dogs, as a matter a fact AWL's President was against the adoption when she heard about it. But several people thought she over reacted. Well, now they are in AWL care.
 The owner left in May and the Girls got out one and a half week. According to the AWL volunteers they are doing wonderful, happy and playful. We would love the twins to be adopted together.
 The Twins
 Mom Rosie the most wonderful mom ever. So lovely
 Bella, so soft and sensitive, like a beautiful flower.

 They are now being comfortable at the Hospice and we would love for them to get a forever home.
The danger with many peoples rescuing is that they become experts very fast, many times that has a very dangerous outcome. Just because you are babysitting several different children doesn't mean you suddenly are a child psychologist.  Be careful with the lives you bring in.
That's Amore!

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