Sunday, September 4, 2011


”The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated...”

Lately, there have been a number of people talking and thinking that AWL is coming to an end in Campania.  I suppose this is a logical assumption, since it is true that I’m moving to Germany.  These rumors and assumptions, are false.
I want to make one thing crystal clear: Animals Without Limits will continue on in Campania.  The hospice we’ve worked so hard and long to establish... will continue.  I will continue to oversee our operations in Campania, and will be down in Campania as often as I can. 

The need and thus the work here will continue, and AWL will continue to help address that need. These rumors are slightly hurtful to me, but more so for the animals.  How many haven’t been helped already because people thought AWL was no longer operating to follow through with whatever was required?  We who care about these animals can’t allow that to happen.  Here is enough problems to solve for all of us, and we won’t get there by holding back information, or worse spreading false information.  Again, it is about the animals, not AWL or me.  We must stay focused and dedicated to the purpose of all our work, all these years.

In the midst of everything going on, I completely missed that the hospice has now been operating a whole year.  My husband had to remind me this was our one-year anniversary of Casa dell’ Amore.  When we opened, there were some voices saying it wouldn’t last.  Perhaps some hoped it wouldn’t.  This first year is just the beginning, we will continue as long as there is a need ( and we don’t see the need going away any time soon.)

Despite this year of operation, there continues to be confusion about what our hospice is. Let’s start to explain our ’Casa dell’Amore.” It is not a shelter, it is a Sanctuary for older strays that cannot for some reasons take care of themselves on the street anymore, or they are sick and need treatments. We also rescue shelter animals that have been locked in the concentration camps on concrete floors without even a little outside exercise for many years. The last days, or months or year is supposed to be quiet, green grass, healthy food and love. On our second floor we have recovery/rehab where animals that have been injured and need extra care are kept so  we can care for them and when recovered our Italian working colleagues do the adoption. In one year over 30 successful adoptions and zero have come back.
We do not and will not accept healthy dogs, we are a rehab/hospice.

I am moving from Italy to Germany but will still be the President of Animals Without Limits, International. The last decisions will be mine, I will continue to ensure that the vet clinics we use get my approval before any clients are accepted. I will continue to distribute the spay/neuter vouchers as required. No dogs can stay in Casa del’’Amore without my approval. 
We have Chi Chi who is working as our Fundraising and Grant Coordinator and also the local Volunteer Coordinator. For more information;

We also look forward to opening AWL-Germany in 2012!
I and my family are moving our own 19 dogs up to Germany that have stayed in our house. We are not taking any hospice animals.

Any questions please contact

I will drive down frequently  to work with the shelters and at the hospice, and to rescue animals. I hope to work together with you for many more years. Together we can grow stronger and more lives can be rescued.

That’s Amore!

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