Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Three different dogs, three different stories ~all loved

Clyde is a Collie that adopted us in America 2005 I knew about one Collie living in the woods there near our house. Sometimes I saw his tail disappear into the underbrush, but I never saw the whole him. At that time we had three other adopted dogs and had no plans for adopting another one. But, they began cutting down the woods and more workers and traffic started to arrive. One morning I heard some men shouting. When I looked out the window, I saw them throwing rocks at this handsome Collie. I ran out and yelled at the men to stop, the Collie ran away. The next day I saw him looking in through my window, and for three days he sat outside waiting for me to come out. He looked horrible after a long time in the woods. Well as you can see, he moved in with us and moved with us to Italy. I call him my English Gentleman. When opening the door the three brats ran in and you had to hold yourself in the doorway not to be knocked over. Clyde stood outside with his head tilted "May I come in?" Strangely he never walked on carpets, always around. He was always great with other dogs, and children, but cats he loved to chase. We never got to know his age but we guess at least over 10 years. A couple of days ago he collapsed down the stairs and didn't get up, after that he wasn't himself. It is painful to watch, your friend becoming someone else, when I look at him I see Clyde but when I walk with him I feel like walking someone else's dog. I remember the same feeling when my grandmother was diagnosed senile, I saw her but her soul was gone. Clyde has had a wonderful life but it is very soon time to let him go. Across the Rainbow Bridge, he will be without pain and able to run (and chase cats) again.

AWL volunteer Martina woke up in the middle of the night by a scream from a dog. She looked out and found this little fellow, which had been thrown in over the fence into her yard. Freddy is a lovely little dog, and would love to be adopted. This story is just beginning, but hopefully there will soon be someone who write the following chapters.

Hope was found on the street, looking like this with ronga and probably other diseases. She is in a shelter and is in big need of medicine and treatments. More information later. This one doesn't have the makings of a happy story. But there is someone out there, we "hope," that will turn a tragedy into a love story with a lot of care, love and patience.

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