Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For many  years they had lived together on the streets, watched-over by  a bag man that was taking care of them. Together with 3 other dogs they ate and lived on the streets.

But one day via FB came a request for help; the caretaker had died and now some people wanted to poison the dogs or throw them in the shelter. The only solution would be to throw them in shelter if no one would adopt them. After 17 years for Angelo and 14 years for Tigro, would their freedom be taken from them;  sent to prison, a cold wet concrete floor? No caretaking, not any healthy food just to sit on a small square and wait for death to release them. AWL answered and told the rescue team we could take Angelo and Tigro to our newly opened hospice. Angelo was like a big teddy bear and he was blind. Tigro, a small female --- his wife --- was his eyes. She escorted him around the house by putting her nose on his back legs, nudging him which way he had to go. When he knew his way around she “divorced” him and moved together with Dicky, a younger more handsome male.  Angelo was happy, peace and quiet he could do what he loved the most: Eat and sleep. Walking around in his green garden with we volunteers loving up on him. Ah, he was in Sanctuary, a good five star stray hotel for elderly strays being served and their dog bed fluffed up.

But all good things must come to an end.  Dicky got sick and had to be euthanized several weeks ago.  And now Angelo was in decline, too.  The years on the street, lack of good food, and just old age had taken its toll.  He couldn’t get up, and when he was helped up, he was unsteady on his feet.  He was in pain. It was time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
So on Saturday, several of we volunteers took him to Dr. Damiani for the last time.  In a caring environment, with people who loved him around him, Angelo slipped the grasp of the pain he had endured too long, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and with his new wings, is now running and playing, sniffing and seeing again, playing in the cool, green grass.
Good bye, sweet Angelo.  The Casa dell’ Amore is not the same without you.  We will miss you and love you always.

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