Friday, April 23, 2010


We moved Scooby and Phillipo from Rossella's shelter last week to Marco Sanna kennel for many reasons. It is easier for me to test them in different situations and bringing them to our veterinarian that is only 5 minutes away. And also to communicate with them to listen to what they want and what has happened before in their lives. Monica and Milla walked them a couple of times while they were visiting, and the dogs seem to be doing very well together. Phillipo had been labeled as "aggressive" towards other males, and I want to start working to see if it is a true label, and if so, to what degree?

Olivia and I left this morning and went to take both out. Since it is a heavy traffic area in an apartment zone, I had to take both in one hand and Olivia in the other one. They were doing great and Scooby the "nice male" and Phillipo did great together. I will of course continue trying with different males later on. It was a nice mini-mission.

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