Friday, April 30, 2010


A small 20lb. (8kg) jack russel/terrier mix that was living inside for 3 years, never outside. She lived with an older lady who can not care for her. Tan and white, short wire hair. apprx. 3 years old. Likes kids ALOT! Likes other dogs, cats I do not know. She is NOT housebroken, she was trained to potty on paper in the house, so the house is where she goes. She would make a good outside dog however. she is very sweet and loving and would make a great family pet. Barks when strangers are at the gate so effective as a small alarm. (Fostermom)
Today AWL had her brought out to be sterilized Her foster mother Wendy linked up with us at the clinic.

Our little flower girl Abby...hit and left to die on a gas station next to the highway, bleeding and with a broken leg (see earlier blog). Her passport will be done in May and her transportation will be in June to Sweden A happy family is waiting for her.

A content stray outside his best friend Mr Butcher.. you could see his tail go in a high speed and a moment later he had a juicy bone in his mouth. I see him there every day!

And Benjamin, our Benjamine the mysterious rescue dog. He now got an infected wound on his back leg and he has a lot of pain in his leg. Benji had to stay at the clinic over night, x ray and other tests will be done. We all are shaking our heads...this Benji!! But we love him so dearly.

Benji was happy to see Dr Damiani, jumping out of joy since Dr Damiani was the only one that would touch him when he had the horrible skin diseases (see earlier blog).

What a busy healthy Amore day!

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