Monday, February 22, 2010


We didn't even get a picture of her, we didn't get to whisper her new name in her ear. She never got to sleep in a warm bed. She bade farewell from us too quickly.

Saturday the 13th, we were out working at the shelter. We spotted something laying in the field. Olivia and I took a walk over and nearly tripped over an English Setter! Just skin and bones, her right eye was smashed out and she shook, scared and exhausted. I tried to put a collar on her, but she screamed out of fright. Olivia and I sat and calmed her down and on the second try, she allowed me. We walked back to the shelter and she was such a gentle dog. She didn't eat the sausage from my hand, but took it when I laid it on the ground.

No one could take her that day for numerous reasons. So she stayed at the shelter for a couple of days. Gerry, one of her sponsors, took her to his vet, but returned her to the shelter after the visit.

This past Saturday, the 20th, Todd and Gerry picked her up. First she was scared of leaving the dark, damp cage; she didn't know what would happen to her, would she be abused again?

Gentlely, they put her in my SUV and drove to LegaProAnimale to have her checked, eye and health wise. The other clinic we use was already closed and we knew we couldn't keep her there since they are not open on Sundays. Todd told me she was so sweet in the car you nearly didn't notice that she was there. Both Todd and Gerry saw a remarkable change in her spirit when they opened the back door to let her out once at LegaProAnimale. She was glowing and happy --- she knew she was saved and safe. In the waiting room, she socialized a bit with another dog and sniffed at some cats in their cages. She was admitted to the clinic, with the expectation of sterilization and treatment of her empty eye-socket on Monday, 22nd.


Today I got the phone call that totally broke me into pieces. Isabelle, the gentle soul, died during the surgery.

Today a couple of hours earlier Todd had found a warm foster home for her, and probably a family for her too. We only met Isabelle for a couple of hours each but our hearts connected to see her young body glow out of hope, hope for kindness and a warm, loving life.

A wonderful animal friend even sponsored her eye surgery, we had everything planned for this little girl, but the Universe took her away from us.

Our Animal friends sent me this: Some poet once said about dogs and the after life “if there is no heaven for thee, then there is no heaven for me”.

Godspeed and God bless you, sweet Isabelle. We are so sad that you left us so soon. We mourn your passing, but know you are in a better place, running in tall green grass, your body strong, and two good eyes seeing only wonderful things. No abuse, no neglect. Perhaps we will see and pet you again, one day, when we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

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