Thursday, February 18, 2010


Jackie, one of our volunteers, had seen this dog previously but back then he was roaming around in a small field. It didn't feel well that he was alone.
Treats and talks made a little brightness in his bored days. Jackie tried to find out who owned this dog but got different information every time.
She asked me to go with her, to meet this loving guy. In rain we drove over and to our shock he is now chained to a little horrible "house" on a cold concrete base, with a bucket of water. The chain is a thin one but his collar is a "stackel" and when he pulls the metal nubs go right into his neck.
We talked to a company next to this place and I gave them my card if they would see the owner to tell him we wanted to adopt the dog.
It is cruel to have him chained up in the first place. It is more cruel to chain him with a short chain that restricts his ability to move around much. It is the ulitimate cruelty to put a collar on him that hurts him when he tugs on his short lead. And nobody there to love on him.

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