Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dr. Longo examine a stray cat before getting spayed.

Jackie goes out and trap cats to have them spayed and neutered and later on she picks them up and releases them where they where found. AWL takes care of the bills, our way to say, "Thank you for your hard fantastic work!"

Dr. Longo checking out the girl. She needs antibiotics for her skin condition.

One beautiful little female stray cat that needs to be spayed and treated for a skin condition.
Jackie trapped her in Castel Volturno.

Unfortunately some of the neighbors feel that only the females should be spayed, that the males are not the problem...
Difficult to change a mindset.
So we do what we can and if we're lucky we enlighten some people. Ciao Jackie."

Warmhearted Anna picked up the cats, here together with Dr Damiani.

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