Monday, January 4, 2010


AWL went out to the shetler and as always was greeted by a lot of happy dogs but one was curled up on his pallet and I could tell right away that something was wrong. I called the vet Mariagrazia and she went in and looked at him. His belly was swollen and breathing hard, she thought he had the flu. Rosco would be transported later to the clinic, the vet couldn't take him in her car. I carried Rosco into my SUV so he could be warm and comfortable in a blanket. Keep your paws crossed for his fast recovery.

Our sweet guy! If only he could get a wonderful home. This big guy doesn't have any teeth so his tounge is always falling out. He is a big Amore guy!

When we came to build frames for new pens, a donation had been made. 10 doghouses that AWL Eric, Todd, Keegan and Brandy put together (unraping by Tracey and Mia) I hope the dogs won't chew the wood, they were gorgous "gucci" dog houses.

Other dogs were not doing so well, blood tests are being done. Hoping for fast pawfect recovery; its not nice to be sick in a shelter especially when it is cold and rainy, and a terrible storm hit Campania where trees fell and a big hailstorm went through.

Tracey, Keegan, Brandy, Todd, Eric, Jackie thank you so much for helping out on your free time, I know that we soon will be able to see and feel the progress in our hard work. "Rome wasn't built in one day" Amore to you all.

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