Friday, January 22, 2010


Our little Abby. Found on the gas station bleeding. At the clinic they found her tooth right up her nose and now she got a broken leg! At Dr Damiani clinic they called in a specialist that made the surgery on Abby.
Our little Lady was such a fantastic client and is our true Amore favorite.

Here you can see the fracture, and it seemed like it was an old fracture. We don't know what happened, but suddenly was she jumping on three legs.

Abby's family in Sweden are waiting and waiting. Their little daughter Engla is drawing pictures to Abby. I know Abby will have a wonderful time in Sweden, normally I don'l like dressed up dogs. But Abby is a freezing little spirit and I think she would love a sweater with a big heart on.
  • Thank you Jackie (US) and Jennifer (Belgium) for your donations.

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