Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missions go on amidst illness

The need to help the animals doesn't take a break when "key" people are knocked down with an illness, injury or personal tragedy. Far from it. Thankfully, there are others who are just as concerned and ready & willing to step up and fill in when an acute need emerges.

Just such a case emerged yesterday.

Brian, who with his wife adopted Lui and will adopt Fiore in June, found a puppy where he works that clearly is in need. This puppy has a bad wound to his ear, probably worms, and needs some TLC and preventive medicine to get him on the right track in life.

Because Brian and his wife already committed to Fiore as well as Lui, they didn't feel like they could adopt this little fella, too. But they are going to foster him until they can present him for adoption at the next Naples Friends of Animals (NFOA) adoption day on the US Navy base here. (Or before if a forever home comes along).

Animals Without Limits will help with the costs for spaying and treating him, getting his first shots, and checkup. That and the care, concern and love of Brian and his wife, should just do the trick to get this little guy up to par, and read for a good forever home.

He will surely be the light in some body's eye, and the warm place in some family's heart... we just need to make sure he is ready and healthy when they appear.

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