Friday, May 8, 2009

Mission Question

I want to thank all of you who e mails me with wonderful thoughts and love. I have got several questions, so why not answer them one by one, here on my blog.

First question; Am I not out on missions anymore with AWL veterinarian, or with someone else?

Yes I have, but not as often as a couple of weeks ago. Different reasons; our veterinarian has been in Germany-- but are now back--we missed her a lot.
I still do mini mission, but I do not write everything on the blog since I am working "bone hard" on my manuscript. I want some fresh stories that no one have read before.
Teasing Amore, I guess.

Here is a new picture off Giove all his test came out great. We are so happy for that, and so are his "new" mom and dad!

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