Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The days went by so quickly down in Lago Patria. It was probably because I loved every minute of my time there. Every day I received excellent, home cooked, Neapolitan food lovingly prepared by Martina. Olivia and I had the best guest room. It was nice to be pampered, even though I missed my 12 dogs a little --- but just a little.

During the days we worked on missions the whole time and in the evening I could enjoy my favorite Campari Mix.

We bathed the puppies, carried them inside our t-shirts, played with them, de-wormed them again, then played a little more. Their room was pretty with all the worms coming out their little butts, nasty little charming creatures.

A wonderful lady, Julia, offered to puppy foster them all, except for Marlene and Tiny, who needed extra care. Tiny was so small he needed some extra milk, and Marlene was lovely shy, and uncomfortable around people.

Martina and I washed both Leona and Cassandra that were going with me up to Germany. Cassandra's new mom Mia (another Mia) would drive down together with two friends from Sweden and pick them up. There was a lot of hard work and planning put in to getting these two dogs to new forever homes --- like there is with every single dog we find a new home for. All together 30 hours drive had 
to be planned perfect.

Leona in the sun after a bath

We also had to visit the veterinarian Dr Fransesco for all their tests and documents. 

Dog Sally Italy had been fostered by volunteers Martina and Pio. Sally was also going with us to Sweden, she had a new mom Sabrina waiting for her way up North.

Jake had been at a Campania foster-home with Jolene who rescued him.  A family here in Germany had adopted him, one of Olivia's old classmates in fact, so it felt good to be bringing him north as well.

Todd (my husband) took some vacation and he and Max (our son) flew down--- sponsored by Sonja in Sweden --- to help me drive home. 13 hours with four dogs and two children can be a challenge since the pee breaks had to go quickly during the transportation.  It was nice to have his long-haul driving ability.

Before leaving we stayed at  hotel Agora our favorite hotel; Leona was super sweet and calm. Cassandra flew like a kite through the room, and every reflection she saw of herself she had to bark. The next morning at 0500, Martina and Pio came with sweet Sally Italy, and said good-bye to her. We had to drive to pick Jake up and to our shock one of the roads was blocked with trash. Only in Napoli!

We had to drive a long way around to find Jolene's house. Jake was so shy and didn't understand why he was being taken from his family. My heart broke for him, but I assured him that a wonderful family waited for him in

By 0600 we were on our way. The rain poured down, it was cold and miserable but at least not much traffic. The dogs and kids were great and we were in Stuttgart, Germany already at 21.00 the same day.

I slept with the newcomers in the living room since Mia (Cassandra's new mom) with friends would come in the morning to take Cassandra, Leona and Sally Italy north. I didn't want to mix and stress my dogs with the
newcomers, since they were only staying for a short time. Leona lay by my head, Sally over my chest, and Jake over my legs. Never had I had a sweeter "blanket".  Cassandra was upstairs with Todd, also segregated from our "normal" pack.

Already by 0800 they were at my door!  Mia couldn't wait! It was lovely to see her again --- she had earlier adopted Bonita from us three years ago --- and meet her friends traveling with her. They had rented a great big Van and off they went to Sweden again after 4 hours in my home. Coffee and a German breakfast fueled their travel for the return trip. It was a short but lovely pleasure to have them all in my home.

Jake's new family came for him three days later, having been on vacation while we were on our Italian extravaganza. They loved Jake. Receiving pictures from 

Sally Italy in my SUV taking a break

Mia (Cassandra now Kera,) Maya (Leona ) Sabrina (Sally) and Kris (Jake) is the most wonderful reward we can get.

Good-bye Cassandra (Kera), Leona, Jake and Sally Italy, good luck in your
new homes.

That's Amore!

Ps Tomorrow pictures from the pick up Swedish Team

Leona was laying on the floor in the front. Such a great traveler. 

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