Thursday, June 6, 2013


In Campania Region the high number of strays exist.

Many of them are happy on the streets. There are people feeding them, and keeping an eye on them. AWL have had what we call "street project" since 2009. We know the group of strays that exist in our area. AWL volunteer checks on them, makes sure they are healthy, flea treatment, de worming, spay and neuter. If you want to sponsor your stray please send an earmarked donation "stray project" We will keep you updated with journal and pictures.

"Luigi got several ticks and we had to flea treat him. It looks that he's living in Lago Patria between the animal shop, the supermarket and the pizzeria. Other than the ticks he looks well fed and happy. He is such a sweet heart!" (Pio and Martina)

 AWL have since 2009 looked after the strays that are healthy in our area. Many street dogs are happy on the streets. You do them a big favor by letting them be on the streets. They have their freedom, they love to "work" guard their area's, they get plenty of food. But it is when they get sick or hurt when they big problem comes in. Our team Martina and Pio and Mia have emergency kit in our cars. We de worm, flea treat them, and look over their bodies. A treat is always appriciated when we are done.
He lives inside the post office area, and sometimes you can see him walking around in Lago Patria.
He's small (around 6-7 kg) and I named him Titino.
He got a sore up on his leg and we had put an antibiotic ointment that was inside the emergency kit.
Then we put advantix since he had tick and at least he got a treat 
Here in the pictures you can see him chewing his treat and in the other pics you can see his sore.

If you want to support our project please earmark the donation with "SSP" -Stray Street Project

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