Sunday, February 10, 2013


 Tigre our old hospice girl couldn’t be saved any longer.

Her soul was stronger than our power to save her body, so we let her go to her other friends across the Rainbow Bridge.

My heart ached together with so many other volunteers; Tigre had been with us for a long time at the hospice Casa dell’Amore. She and her husband Angelo came to our hospice as one off our first clients. We loved this old little Neapolitan woman, strong and powerful as she escorted her blind husband Angelo around their new home. They had never lived inside a house before, at least not that we know. She and Angelo lived together with a pack of stray dogs out in the freedom of the streets of Napoli, they were happy out on the streets together with a man who also lived on the streets. The people saw them every day and it was a normal sight, everything was as it should be. Some people gave them food, some gave them a blanket others gave the man a little money. One day we got a message; the man had become very ill and had to be taken away to the hospital. The pack was left longing after their leader, confused over what had happen. The pack was threatened to be caught and put in one of the horrible shelters. They’d be in cages and be fed once in a while. Some people who didn’t like the dogs threatened to poison them.

We said yes to Tigre and Angelo, welcoming them to their new home at the new hospice.

We smiled when the couple came and were astounded by how Tigre pushed her crusty nose at Angelo’s back legs—left back leg If he had to go to the left—right back legs for him to turn to the right. She guided him around, orienting him to his new environment. After one week he was able to find his way around by himself in the house.  It seemed Tigre considered her job complete, she moved out to the handsome Dicky, another client, and laid close to him very happy.  Angelo didn’t seem to mind the loss of his wife.

Later on Dicky got sick and had to go across the Rainbow Bridge; a couple of months later, it was Angelo’s turn to take that final journey.

Tigre was a strong Neapolitan female that survived (at least) two husbands.  One morning recently, Tigre had a seizure, and she was rushed to the veterinarian clinic where Dr. Damiani performed all the examinations. When the results came back and we had the full understanding of the condition Tigre was in, confused and in pain, we had to let her go. Tigre is now together with all her husbands and she is so missed by many of us, our little Neapolitan with the crusty nose.

Rest in Peace, Our Love.

Thank you to all the volunteers through the time at the hospice who have been there helping and loving.
Martina and Angy, you were at Dr Damiani’s clinic making sure she wasn’t alone, thank you.
Mia adored Tigre and one of her long time friends that meant so much to her. 
And to all you wonderful followers on FB, for your support, love and thoughts ---thank you--- it means the world to us. I know that Tigre would agree on everything I said. She was full of Amore, our Tigre Nonna!

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