Friday, December 7, 2012


Our great volunteer Angelina caught and brought in "Snowhite" to Dr Damiani. 
The clinic preformed

-Skin scraping which ruled out Scabies (mange)
-Fungal test (ringworm)( pending results )
-Under general anesthesia we shaved the area and cleaned with a chlorexidine solution to remove all the scabs and disinfect the area as well as possible
-We tested him for felv , fiv and heartworm ( all negative)
-Given Mrs. Angela approval we neutered him .
-currently he is on antibiotic therapy.
Among all the other possible underlining causes, especially if the ringworm test wil come out negative, They have to include a skin rush due to Herpes virus.

 Keep your paws crossed for Mr Snowhite!

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