Friday, December 14, 2012


 This is Max! He is our new client at the hospice. He has a wonderful soul and the hospice clients greeted him fondly. 
Some kind people  in a Parco was feeding MAX and trying to get him feel good, his tail was going but not gaining weight. He had a hard time walking since his strength in his back-legs were so weak. Diarrhea started to become a problem, his behind was soared. He went to one vet and he was de -wormed, he went to another vet and they said it was neurology problem and he went back to another veterinarian and blood test was being done.

He is having leichaminiosis.

 We need all your help to help Max back to health. He is very sick and we need more tests to figure out what all his problems are
. Its like a puzzle. He is skin and bones and have difficult keeping food = gaining weight. Max get a speciel food and it is 3 euro/can He need 4 a day! He got leichaminosis and need milteforan and zyloric that is 200 euro/ month. His backlegs is not working 100% and we want to have him x ray. We need 150 euro. 

Please help us give Max a healthy Christms. Pls donate and earmark MAX

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