Saturday, December 29, 2012


 I think it was 2003 when I first met Else and her dog Tanna in Stockholm, Sweden. They had hired me for a consultation. Tanna, was one that was adored by every one and had her own day care mom, Siv. Sadly, Tanna passed away in 2012 and left big holes in Else's and Siv's hearts.Years passed by and then a wonderful surprise when I received an e-mail from Else back in November, she would like to adopt a dog.  Now in November 2012, could I help them find a new love to spoil?
 You who have followed our blog might remember the story about Gaby. Rescued back in April from the streets in Napoli. My friend and volunteer Martina called me telling me that she had a very sick dog in her backseat. Could she take her to the hospice? Martina never miss uses our friendship and I knew this was a special case. (There are more than 70,000 strays in the region around Napoli.)  Martina and Pio were out driving and it rained and was cold. Suddenly Martina saw this "ugly" looking dog but with a beautiful aura, trying to get peoples attention. The dog followed the people, trying to get them to see her. One man turned around and smacked her with his bag. That's when Martina yelled; "Stop, Pio!"
 Gaby was very sick. High fever and a skin problem but what amazed us was that her tail kept going despite her illness. She loved all the volunteers and they lovedvher. She was super friendly to all the client dogs. Gaby was great at the vet  clinic when Dr. Fransesco examined her. Gaby was on Tolomec for 7 months and special baths were being made to address her skin problems.
After only a couple of months, she looked amazingly much better. We wanted to find her a home. I brought her with me back to Germany since an American family had signed the adoption papers. At the last minute they backed out, but I couldn't let Gaby languish down in Italy, I knew a family would come. Everyone loves Gaby!
 In my house together with 14 other dogs and kids, Gaby loved to be in the middle of everyone and everything. She shared the bed with my husband and when he looked up there she was laying with her head on his pillow next to him admiring him. He said many times it was kind of spooky feeling, she nearly felt "human." I joked saying many times; "There must be a mini Buddhist inside her or maybe an Alien." A German family wanted to adopt her and tried her out and thought she was perfect (mom and son) but returned her after 24 hour saying it was not Gaby's fault, it was the mom who didn't feel ready with all the work. We were stunned since Gaby was the easiest dog ever and of course, everyone loved her. We had tears in our eyes since Gaby had so much love in her heart and we felt like she was rejected the whole time. But Gaby only wagged her happy tail, looked at us in her special way and kept loving on.

So, this is when I get Else's e-mail asking for a suitable dog. In a careful way I called Gaby and showed her the picture of Else and asked her this time; "Do YOU think this is a match for you?" It was better that Gaby chose this time since I had had the wrong judgement twice. Gaby thought right away that this lady would be perfect, since Gaby wants to "work" to heal hearts.
 Else is an educated, bright woman and sometimes she volunteers for elderly people. Would Gaby want to join? Else has also educated herself in dog psychology and other dog courses. "Oh what do you think she wants to do? I know so much we can do." Not to forget her own day care mom Siv is also over-exited to finally have a new love in her life.

Else was going to celebrate Christmas with her family at her sisters house in Germany "only" a couple of hours away from us. The day came and it was a bittersweet feeling, we had grown attached to Gaby but in another way she needed so much more than we could provide. That feeling flew away when we met Else, I was relived at how much she genuinely loved Gaby.

I took Gaby to my veterinarian Dr Martina for re-checking to be sure that passport and papers were up to date and nothing was wrong. Why would it, two veterinarians had checked her in Italy and the Agriculture Agency (ASL2) had provided her with passport. But I am always nervous. Dr. Martina took out the microchip reader and read off Gaby "Eh, Mia Gaby has two microchips!"

I thought I would faint. I contacted Martina who started to make panic research with the Agriculture Agency , veterinarians and other volunteers. The microchip belonged to a "bad" shelter and the owner hadn't claimed her missing -- and was probably still getting money for her. No one wanted her back in Italy. (That's a relief but boy three nerve wracking days.)
 Gaby waiting with mom at the Frankfurt airport. And she walked in the crate like this was a normal thing.
 So much snow in Sweden, fantastic. But oh boy so many dogs, is this the dog paradise since every one has an owner here?

 And of course they walked up and greeted Siv. I got a message saying; "They love each other!"
 Else keeps repeating on the phone "I cannot understand this, everything she went through and she is this amazing, easy, loving dog"
Well, dear Gaby, you keep up your mission in this life to open up and heal hearts, and I will keep my word to tell the world your story. This is a true miracle story. That's Amore!

Thank you all for supporting and not giving up. Martina & Pio, All the volunteers at the hospice, All the sponsors that made it possible for us to give her the correct treatment, Dr. Fransesco & Dr. Damiani, The Mercer Family, And all Gaby's friends along the way.....and to her new moms Else and Siv.


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tank's AWL Mia Mattson Mercer <3

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Tank's Mia Mattson Mercer and Animals Whithout Limits

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This is love!!!!! Brings tears to my eyes & lump in my throat with happiness is possible if all can look out for eachother!!! Thank you for the story Gaby & Mia :)) this is Amore!! :))))))