Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Many of our posts never got posted lately, and we apologize for that. Something we cannot explain about the technical (or blonde moments), but we are going to catch up with all the un -published blogs. Promise!

We had a great donation with us to Adriannes shelter, we could flea treat around 150 dogs! (photo)

Halbrucker with 7 volunteers, brought bags of puppy and adult food, treats and cat food. And thank you for good work at the shelter.

Olivia the vet tech from the Navy base, drove over dog food (wet and dry) and a lot of treats that was from the vet clinic on the Support Site in Gricignano. Also, Olivia and Tanya donated a thermometer....wonderful. Big warm thank you!

Olivia the vet tech at the Hospice with some donations (Photo)

Tanya with her husband Carl have donated so much to the clinic during the past weeks; a new hose and a great attachment sprayer, cleaning tools, garbage bags, paper towel, treats, different meds, and a lot more -- I am afraid I'm probably forgetting something--and they help out a lot too at the hospice. Grazie per grande Amore!

The Thrift store on base for all the great towels and blankets, thank you so much for calling and telling us in advance. That is wonderful warm Amore.

Leah Rapp for dog food (wet and dry) and a dustpan :) and tick prevention...many to Adriana's 400 shelter. We miss you!

Lenny for all the help at the hospice, the scoop pooper its flashy. Also helping out at the vet clinic, escorting dogs.

Lenny with Talia (photo)

Elisabet Kruse from Germany, fantastic care package with beautiful collars and leads, toys, and a great big donation to buy tick prevention to Adrianna's shelter (400 dogs).

Elisabets cats in Germany (photo)

The Ricci Collection Jewelry for their donation, a portion of proceeds from sold collections.

Mitra from Rome drove al the way (4 hours) to have a quick visit, and donated a generous amount of money.

China, SE; Jonnie England, USA; for donations for AWL and Adrianna shelter,

Jack, I think your name followed my SUV since you saw AWL stickers, stopped me and gave me a big bag of great towels.

Tracey Kleber, Angela Collins, Tracey Nettles, for PayPal donations.

You all have the biggest warmest hearts, thank you, this is Amore!

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