Monday, June 13, 2011


On my way out this beautiful Sunday morning with the children, my cell phone rang. Nothing unusual about that, but I knew that it would be a work call, another animal. I looked at the children who looked at me with big eyes saying "Don't answer mom!"

A voice worried on the other end said she and her husband had found a dog that had been hit badly by a car, still alive but very hurt. She could nearly not walk, she collapsed in the hot sun. The husband was upset since the Caribineri (State Police) only looked the other way and then drove away.
The family had called different veterinarians, they would transport the dog but no one answered.

"I'll see you at the hospice in ten minutes"

My beautiful children who are always with me at the hospice, followed me as I explained what had happened. I promised we would do something very fun later.

The man carried in a small female with severe pain. She was shaved like a lioness; some new ticks crawled on her. We put her on a blanket and I called Martina and Pio for help. They came, as always, so very loyal and wonderful.

I knew I couldn't go to the Emergency Clinic with two children since it always takes a long time to file the paper, and the examination. Martina and Pio carried her away out in the car and drove away.

Fantastic enough, she has no broken leg. But she is paralyzed and hopefully it is from the shock. Time will tell. She couldn't urinate by herself and she was in pain so she had to stay overnight.

At lunchtime the next day I picked her up and drove her to Dr Damiani's clinic were Dr Fransesco could examine her and keep her over night.

At the ER the bill was 175 euro and still we don't' know how much it will be altogether at the end. Please help us help Dusty by donating so she can get all the care she needs.

I will keep you all posted.





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