Sunday, April 3, 2011


Rob was out hiking with 5 of his dogs this morning as he does every weekend, and Stewart one of their dogs, was barking at something in some bushes and would not leave. Rob usually ignores them when they bark but Stewart was very insistent. Rob went over to investigate and it was this dog with its leg twisted behind it stuck in a trap.
Rob came home and got his wife Tammy and they hiked back up with wire cutters, towels and a crate to carry her. Tammy got under the brush and held her (she was strangely calm as though she was giving up on life) while Rob cut away at the wire that was holding her to the ground. They gently put her in the crate and walked back home.
Tammy called AWL whho promised to stepp in and help. Tammy called and Dr Damiani rushed into his clinic on his day off (Sunday) HeDr Damiani had a difficult time getting the wire trap off her leg - it was very thick wire and very tight around her bone. He has never seen a trap like this before and it made Tammy think of how many other animals may be out there slowly dying.
AWL named her Robyn after her rescue team (Rob) She will stay at Dr Damiani and undergo steralization and Dr Damiani found she also has hernia. She will have to have her right lower leg amputated. When she can she will get her health back at rehab/hospice (AWL)
It will cost around 500 Euros to pay her vet bills and bring her back to health. We will do our best, but we need your help now! Please go to and make a donation—any donation you can make will help us save Robyn! But we need your help NOW! Please share this with your friends!”

Pictures taken by Tamara H

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