Sunday, June 13, 2010


Alina is a Russian girl with a big animal heart. She found this little beautiful guy totally exhausted on the road. He can barely see, he can barely hear and you have to feed him. It seems he may have gotten sunstroke. It took Alina 40 minutes to bring him into her Parco area, a “trip” that normally would take just 5 minutes to walk. She asked the vets on base what to do and they gave her our email address. God Bless you for that!

I drove over --and of course fell in love with this guy right away--his tail wagged when he felt us coming towards him, probably the vibration from our footsteps. Alina had already been giving him Advantix and I de-wormed him. Alina and her husband Jay already have a beautiful big poodle male and they don't want to jeopardize his health by introducing this little one into their home until he has a clean bill of health (very well thought). I examined "Julian" and no ticks, no ear mites, nothing but dirt that later his new foster-mom washed.

Tomorrow I am bringing him in for a very thorough examination, so keep your paws crossed for Julian. That's Amore.

Sorry for this gap but my computer broke down. Good news...a new computer.

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