Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thank you Carina Lidbom & Selma for your support to Animals Without Limits every year, it means the world to us having animal amore such as you. Peter Knutson took this wonderful picture.
He is a great person, its his picture on the cover of my book #3--I love his photos.

Also great Amore thank you to Megan Seibert USA for your donation, and I loved the quote you wrote in the e mail..."Don't just leave...leave it better!"

Also a huge paw'er --thank you to;
Bella Appelblom, Sweden
Ulla Linder, Sweden
Maria Svegare in memory of Tossi, Sweden
Sara Hoover, Sweden --- USA
Erika Bobby Giove Andersson, Sweden
Angie Ogilvie, UK
Tracey L Nettles, USA
Thank you all for your support and love so we can continue making the strays healthier and perhaps happier. This is pawerful Amore.

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