Thursday, August 13, 2009


Photo; Linda McClintock bought bags of food and dog shampoo for the shelter. AWL Olivia is happy!

There are so many I want to thank and I am so afraid to forget someone. Please forgive me if I do.

Thank you everyone that made the dog walk possible and into a positive chaotic success. Americans, Brits, Germans and even one more Swede helped out. It was a chaotic, wonderful day!

All the 70 volunteers that walked in the heat and gave the dogs something to remember while laying in their cages. AWL also wants to thank St Franscesco who let us "invade" their shelter and with a lot of patience for us roaming around. To the persons who brought in the sick cat that laid injured outside on a street, so the veterinarian -- located in the shelter-- could put in an IV and examine the little one, thank you for your kindness.

Vania, Keegan, Bruce and Dennis (and Rosa's spirit) my top team, thank you for helping to spread the word, and for helping our new volunteers. It's not easy being new in something that is very different from "back home".

We donated around 30 bags of dogfood to the shelter, thank you all for helping with this.

And all the treats, and petsmart balls and frisbees and collars (Eric) and blankets (Cindy).

Gennifer and Tim's beloved pet, Charlote's things. Her spirit lives on with her things' new users.

So many wonderful hearts, all at the same time.

Money donations; Lisa Tullis, Keegan Kasten, Bruce Armond, Eric Wooley, Lynn Woodalls, Tracey Kleber, Cheryl Kelman, Todd Mercer, Tamara Hampikian, Patricia Hoskins, Paola Maria Gaetano, Traci Van Field, China Plauto, Bella Appelblom, Mitra Talarman, Ulla Seidel, A wonderful couple from Cuma.

Chans Organization donations from their members, thank you so much.

Thanks to Jackie who informed Anna on the base about us, Anna made sure that AWL could get 50 boxes of "dog hamburger food" that we donated to Shelter Franscesco.

For the drinks and fruit thank you Mia, and Vania brought ice, and Jackie plastic cups. Team work!

And Lisa at Panorama, for shining a light on our work.

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