Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Our Golden Years Together with Magnificent Seniors

Seniors Rocks!

I have to admit, my heart is soft for Senior dogs. Having had my foundation now since 1999 and working with rescuing animals (most dogs) I have met hundreds of wonderful Seniors. Yes, it is not for a very long time you get to keep them(years), however, the time seems in a way longer when you are together with them (time). If that makes any sense.
I have had to say good bye to many Seniors, but I have always been by their side. Always!
In my home I have right now eight (8) Seniors that I adore. I don't like traveling as much as I did earlier, even if I love traveling ;-) I cut down 50% with my travels. 
Instead I love laying reading and hearing their deep snoring next to me or on the floor on their own bed(s). How they wake up and takes the day with grande relaxing tempo, like the southern Italian dogs they are (ok one American). And....their love is priceless, their deepness in their eyes when they look at you. They make you feel like a Hero!
This January we had to say good bye to one of our rescue dogs Jazz. For one year she had problems holding her bladder. I rolled away the carpets and mopping buckets on every floor. 
My husband growled a little. 
I looked at him with a wrinkle between my eyes and said, "When you get old(er) and start to wet yourself, am I going to get ride of you too?"

I have a hard time understanding people who suddenly abandon their old friend just because he is old and smelly. It shows me their (people) evaluation about becoming old.
My heart become warm when I read about more and more Senior Sanctuaries are opening, and .....that so many more people dare to adopt a Senior.
That's Amore!


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