Monday, November 19, 2012


This is Angelo, he is +10 years old-- we think. He was rescued by Family Callahan  when they saw he was injured and "hobbling" around on the streets. Dr Damiani explained that Angelo had radial nerve palsy and couldn’t use his leg. We d
ecided to try antibiotics, Vitamin B injections and some physical therapy to see if we could get any function back. So far nothing. It has been agreed that the only solution is amputation. 

Tomorrow Angelo will have his leg amputated since he is liking and seems to be very bothered of his "hanging" leg.
AWL would like to sponsor this surgery to give Angelo his quality life back. Family Callahan have promised that he can stay and heal. Angelo is no barker, he is house broken, great with other dogs, cats and small children.

Please make it happen and help us with donations. The surgery will cost around 500-600 euro. Ear mark it "Angelo" or leave an envelope at SS vet clinic. Thank you for helping us helping the animals getting a quality life. That's Amore.

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