Monday, March 26, 2012


From my weekly column in Magazine NARA

Working with war/emergency situations can be frustrating but also very rewarding friendship. The pain brings us together, we encourage each other and understand when it feels heavy. And the group has a stronger togetherness that is warm and strong. If we had met in another place we would never be involved, but love of saving souls is strong.

When I see a very sick dog, I do not see a dying dog. I see the soul and not the shell. When it's a seriously ill animal in front of me, I read of the energies that can be kept alive. Kind of like a plastic surgeon told me: "I love to give children a new face, but I see their beauty and beautiful smile in spite of their hare."

The surgeon sees the children's shining soul through his eyes as he holds the mirror in front of their face. I see the animals' brilliant soul through their eyes when they stand up and tail wagging like a morse code "thump thump".

A female was found injured and dying in a water-filled ditch with debris floating spirit about her small skeleton-like body. Her name is Sunday Rose and I have written about her and this before, in the chronicle "A settertik found thrown in a ditch."

When visitors saw Sunday Rose exclaimed the horrified: "Yuck, kill her!"
But we and the veterinary team saw something else, a fighting spirit. Now, a few months later, Sunday Rose lives in Rome with a woman who adores her.

Another dog, Dusty, was run over by a car and left the street to die. She lay there for an hour and a half in 40 degree heat. An American lifted her up and came to me with her and told me to kill her. Animal ER x-rayed her and to everyone's surprise and joy, no broken bones, her paralysis could be due to shock. Today, several months later, she lives with a Swedish girl who is also an acupuncturist for animals. Sara has a wonderful courtyard with four other dogs and horses and sheep on the loose. Dusty could not have come at a better "paradise".

What we often see is not always the right thing compared to what the soul wants. Many times we are put to the test by the Universe if we are willing and able to fight for the soul. No decision is easy, but with teamwork, we can perform miracles on earth. A life is a miracle. A life is love.

That's Amore!

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