Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We named him Fluke.

He is maybe 6 months old, found roaming around in Lago Patria, scared by cars and other strange noises around him. You could tell right away he was someones pet.

He got a collar, but no microchip or other tags. You can tell he is not a stray!

He is a puppy that someone didn't teach manners. He is loved, but has no style. That is not a problem since Fluke is a fast learner. He was not used to other dogs, scared he entered my whole pack who think he has no manners.

He wants so badly to be next to you, not annoying but to be assured you wont leave. He hates to be alone.

Every morning he goes with the children to the bus stop, he loves the attention. And when the kids goes on the bus, he wants to join.

Reward to any kind of information. If he is abandoned I want to know so we can start the process of advertising him for adoption. Please, for Fluke's future.

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