Sunday, August 22, 2010


Remember from earlier blogs that AWL was introduced to Adriana, a 400 dog shelter, by an Italian lady name Anna. This shelter is private/Govermental but for 2 years no money has arrived at the shelter from the government. There are many sick dogs, Adriana and her staff they are constantly working full time to survive with the little they have. Martina asked me if I could help Adriana with a Pitbull that was so sick.
Last Thursday Adriana and I linked up at Dr Damiani's clinic, with worry in her eyes she asked if it was ok to bring in another dog, a young one. I said yes.
Dear donaters, this is where your money goes, to help to heal, or to help an old soul over to the other side.
This is the young one, Sky. He was rescued after being hit by a car. Someone thought they were helping, but by putting a spling and bandage on the leg, in this case made the situation worse. his leg did not have any blood circulation and the smell, was horrible. Like rotten fish!

When the bandages were taken off, Sky started right away to lick his leg in such a speed, he could finally feel the blood pumping. You know that tingling feeling when an arm or leg is "asleep"? That is what he felt, times 10!

Look at his poor leg totally a mess. Sometimes wounds and small fractures heals better without anything. Always contact a qualified veterinarian, and make sure to return to him for check ups.
He had a bad infection on his back leg. I am so glad Adriana brought him in. Her wonderful heart.

This morning was a bittersweet one. Ringo, 12 years old, been at the shelter since 2003, was in such a bad condition that my first thought was; we have to let him go. But first like always, an examination and x-ray of his swollen right front leg.

What a guy! We were able to do everything and he didn't say anything or do anything, I admire these animals so. He had chronic erlichia, he was anemic, he was a skeleton, and the x-ray confirmed a tumor in his leg. All of this, and his age and weight-loss, convinced us that we had to euthanize him.

Adriana whispered to Ringo "I am going to let you run free now my friend, I will let you go. I love you so!'
Thank you Dr Damiani, together with your wife, my two wondeful children who waited for 1-1/2 hrs, of course Adriana for your heart, and you all that made donations....thank you!
Ringo, say hello to Tjojs for me.

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