Saturday, August 14, 2010


Let the party begin!

Early in the night, but the food is starting to be served. Great weather, great food and friends, super music, and a wonderful event.

Jennifer of Hotel Agora, we love you THANK YOU so much for pulling this fundraiser together and with such a success. What an Amore lady you are. We also want to thank Trina who did a fantastic work with the AWL scrap book and adoption ornaments around the pool. Lynn your bright ideas with experience was welcomed.

You ladies are amazing.

Andy and Ike for good entertainment and the raffle show.

Rita for the great AWL art, it looked amazing.

Anna with the Pluto, Pongo and Goofy friends, we loved that!

All the volunteers, wow you made the fundraiser turn out to a warm Amore evening.

You all made a wonderful evening blossom and the money blooming.

More pictures to follow together with more stories and thank you's!

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