Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good Bye My Friend RIP

RIP JOEY my Friend,
Last Saturday I noticed that we were running out of time. You were still wagging your tail, but something had changed around you. Sunday came and you were laying close to me, closer than ever before. I knew the time was here.
That Monday morning phone call to the veterinarian was the hardest to make.
Joey was the happiest stray dog in Campania, Italy. With his love and positive attitued he was loved by many Italians, Brits and Americans. He touched so many hearts.
I got a message from Carol Mander Yeomans asking if we could find Joey a home. Stray, getting older (not in his mind at all) winter was coming....I said yes we would find him a home.
Jolene Callahan took him into her home during the health check and passport (helped us great during that time it took, Thank you)
Joey came to me and he was wonderful, deaf, positive little guy. He had a tough stabile charisma that told the other dogs to accept him. And they did, right until the end heart emoticon
No one answered on Joeys adoption add. Maybe because he was black...maybe because there are millions of dogs searching for homes out there!
He was loved, so much loved....and I didn't get to have you for a long time, but you are forever in my heart. 
Joey, you got your wish granted, to fall a sleep outside in "your" freedom with me by your side. 
Thank you my veterinarian Martina (Germany) for helping me with Joeys wish heart emoticon
Freedom Joey. I miss you so much. heart emoticon
That's Amore
Mia Olivia Max

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