Thursday, October 9, 2014


Another Friday is passing by.  We apologies for not being such a super updaters lately.

AWL is swamped with work, and we are happy and blessed that we can help so many four legged love bugs. However, we have "helped" two legged too.

People come to South Naples and stays for 2-3 years. They bring in/adopt stray dogs and then, they move back to the States and some families/persons do not bring their dog with them.

Or, they adopt a dog and don't want to exercise, and the result is a destructive dog. One was sick and the owner didn't bring him to the vet. They complained about the dog being "nuts". We took the dog, made sure it came under medical treatment, and tadada..... a new dog....and a new loving family.

A lot is going on behind the scenes that we do not write about...AWL is working hard, that's for sure.

And we love it when you sends us small <3 an="" appreciation.="" as="" hug="" is="" nbsp="" our="" p="" reward.="" that="">
Updates are coming through the day....and we promise....better, more frequently updates.

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Happy Friday,

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