Friday, April 25, 2014


 Yesterday evening Miele went to have her bandage changed and a check up. She got A LOT of energy this girl 

She gained a little more weight, 16.250 
Blood work, it was not 100% but better.
We spoke about different surgeries, and different specialists are involved in the team. When we have "special" cases our veterinarian "hires" in specialists.
This morning will MIele be steralized. She will NOT have her half leg amputated since the other leg is really bad and a very long surgery needs to be done (next time) She need her other leg to support on. (I will explain everything later today)
Her "leg" will be cut a little piece of the bone and close the wound to avoid infections.

All prayers today for Miele and the veterinarian team.

Update from the evening. Miele is doing wonderful. She is crazy wild like no surgery had been taken place.

We also want to thank our wonderful volunteer, Brittany McMinn Beckwith for sponsoring half the amount from this #1 Surgery.

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