Saturday, February 25, 2012


Shaggy Raggy's went through a lot of peoples "hearts and minds"to finally having a stable home now an address in Sweden. He is such a trooper this boy with everything he has gone through he accepted his new home and family in a heart beat.
Mom and Dad and Sheltie Lexi lives on a horse farm with 20 horses, so mom is home a lot training young horses. It is a breath taking nature and Shaggy is so thrilled to roam around. But still he has to wait a little. Last night he ran in the big riding areana and played. In the evening they had a "stay at home night" eating pizza. Shaggy Raggy is a great dog and I know after spending time with the whole family yesterday that this will be BIG AMORE!
Welcome to South Sweden Big Guy Shaggy Raggy!

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