Thursday, November 10, 2011


My weekly column in the Swedish Magazine Nara. A journey from 1999 to now with the birth of Animals Without Limits by a little dying dog. Hope you will enjoy the story.

Tidningen Nara and you also read the column translated into English below;

My first encounter with street dogs occurred many years ago in Sofia, Bulgaria. Two dark brown eyes would change my life and many others' lives. I worked full time as an animal communicator and often flew around Europe to various clients. I had my own office on the well-known Gardet in Stockholm, and the waiting list for my services was long. But something in my heart did not feel quite right and no matter how hard I tried to explain the feelings, my friends didn’t understand what I meant. "You've got it all! You are already changing many lives! " they said.

By a "coincident" I flew over a weekend to a world conference down in Sofia, Bulgaria. The subject was the sterilization and castration of stray dogs. I had no expectations or hopes since I had no knowledge in that subject. Inspired by the lecturers and the participants knowledge that they shared something suddenly began bubbling inside me.

Later that evening we were a few who would go out to eat. I went in advance out to the street, suddenly it was like someone touched my soul and held on. My eyes were drawn into a dark entrance staircase, where two dark brown eyes searched mine. A street dog hunted my eyes, he conveyed that he needed help. He could not walk, but there was nothing self-pitying from his side, more a kind of waiting. No despair, but more patience in him.

There was something big behind the chestnut-colored eyes, a wisdom I had never seen before even though I had met hundreds of dogs previously. It felt as if I had been there for several minutes, but it was only for seconds.

Suddenly something snapped inside me, I sobbed over my despair that I could not take him with me. I could not take him to a vet, could not even find a home for him. The only thing I could do was listening to his story, and then turn my back on him.

My heart was broken, the hopelessness of abandoning someone who needed help. I had only experienced security at home in Sweden, never before had I seen this side of life.

I ran up to my room at the hotel and cried for hours. I did not want to go out. Later that night I took out pen and paper and began to write. On 23 October 1999, on my 36th birthday, Animals Without Limits was born, on that hotel floor. Thanks to a stranger's soul that had communicated with my soul. A seed within me began to germinate, and since that day we (AWL) have been able to help thousands of injured, stray dogs.

Angels are working in different disguises toward different souls. When we open up our subconscious, we meet our teachers. That's Amore!

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