Thursday, September 10, 2009


You remember the cat Tiger from earlier blogs? His family was moving, and didn't want him since he was an "aggressive" cat. One animal organization they contacted advised the family to release the cat out into the community, even though he has been an indoor cat his whole life. Normally we don't take care of adoptions... but when confronted with the alternative, we had no option but to try to help.

Tiger got a great foster home, where Vania evaluated him for several weeks. He wasn't "aggressive" at all, quite the opposite. He had been continually bothered in his prior home by several kids who probably played with him too roughly for his liking, and so he reacted the only way he could. Thank you, Vania, for taking him in, and giving him love and patience so he could show us all his "true colors".

Thanks to that "breather" in the foster home, and Vania's evaluation, she were able to place him in an appropriate, loving, forever home.

His new owner simply adores Tiger, and it seems Tiger loves her as well. He greets her at the door when she comes home, and they give each other their sole attention.

Way to go Tiger! Purrrrrrfect Amore ending to this story thanks to Vania Lamanna

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