Thursday, September 17, 2009


For many months I have had a worry inside of me about Grace and Cuccis' future. You remember them from an earlier blog.

Grace's wrists couldn't take the winter that's arriving since she now has arthritis, and to have to sleep outside in the cold and try to get food would be very hard on her. Even the veterinarian Dr. Gigi said so.

I got a call from two ladies, a mother and a daughter that they wanted to adopt a dog, short hair but medium to big size. I told them about the shelter with 500 dogs (where AWL organized several "dog walking missions") and I arranged with the lady that runs the shelter for us to come when they had closed at 17.00 (due to the problem of these ladies in getting off from work)

When we arrived at the shelter, another worker opens the door claiming she didn't know we would come at this hour. I explained that I'd called and made arrangements.

This lady was very rude and when we pointed at different dogs she said, "No, too hectic." Well, we understand, she's been inside a cage for a long time!

The mother and daughter said they would like to take two. How about this old guy?

"No, too old" the lady told us. (Don't they want to adopt these dogs away?)

She told us to come back another day, maybe on the weekend ... we had to go now.

I can understand that she wanted to go home, but there was another person living there. They know AWL, we have been organizing volunteering and donated food so they know we are serious.

The mother and daughter and I drove away pretty disapointed, and upset over the lady's shortness and unwillingness to help us us to take two big dogs out from the cages. The weekend before, when I heard different speakers at the Spay conference, one had said that some shelter personal get so attached to the dogs that they don't want to adopt them away! Could this be a factor in this otherwise unexplainable rudeness?

While driving away, going another way to the ladies' home I suddenly see Grace and Cucci sitting by the side of the road, at a place we've never seen them, like waiting for something. I stop and throw myself out of the car, petting them and shouting at the same time, "What are you guys doing here?'

The ladies comes out and I tell them the whole story about these two dogs. I hear the mother say, "Can we adopt them?"

I was stunned, all the various emotions went through me, it was a miracle!

Grace and Cucci are now living together with these two wonderful heart-warming ladies, and are already getting lovely spoiled.

I could never, ever have dreamed about this. Some might say 'It was meant to be' ....yes I believe so too, but my heart aches when I think how happy this one energetic female at the shelter was, probably believing she had found freedom. I will never forget her eyes when she was put back into the cage again. This was a bitter sweet moment, because someone who claims she loves the dogs perhaps would never want them to find new happiness together with someone else.

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