Thursday, September 24, 2009


IN TWO days!! AWL can today drive out the refrigerator thanks to You!
Fantastic! AWL are so thankful for your quick response and action. Our youngest volunteer four years-old donated 2 euro from her savings.
Without you we could never done it. Thanks for great Amore team working.

Eric Wooley (US), Keegan Kasten(US), Carina Lidbom (SE) China Platou (SE) Kristine Willis (US), Polly K Truzzolino (US), Pamela Roark (US) Herbert Boutwell (US) Erika & Bobby Andersson (SE) Tracey & Craig Klebber (US) And my beloved husband who cursed me sweetly because I had put in the third seat in the SUV. I love you too! Time to go out in the rain and drive the fantastic present to Rossellas shelter.
More to come!

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