Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cleaning Shelter Dog Mission

They were happy to see us!

AWL had another warm and wonderful day at Rossella's Shelter. The volunteers were working hard walking and washing and loving up on the strays that had been rescued, or owners that dumped their pets.

All these 60 dogs are up for adoption, and many off them are so longing after a home.

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Ulrika said...

I would if I could welcome one or two dogs in need for a new home. But I am not in charge at home. I have 2 catladies living here. The first catlady was abandoned and frankly moved in here ;) Then she gave birth to 3 small ones, one I kept and the other two lives nereby.
So, even though I am a former dog-"owner" and I pay the morgage here... the ladies decides...

However, I do feel a great warmth and respect for you, your family and all the volouteers for your big heart!

Mother in Action said...

Ulrika, super thank you for your kind words. We love your ladies, and wouldn't want to disturb you peace, house peace :-)