Sunday, November 27, 2011


We have very talented volunteers, Pio painted this on hospice wall. We just love it. His girlfriend Martina is talented also in many ways. You have seen here jewelers!
Donations from Loredana and Marina, that is so wonderful since we use a lot of cleaning detergent every day.
Rosita our Grande Lady, 18-19 years old. She has been with us now for one year at the hospice.
Blankets for the hospice guests. Thank you Loredana and Marina.
Our beautiful lady, Layla. Dumped at the Mount Vesuvius, brought to AWL and sterilized, medicated. Now she is waiting for her passport to go to her family in Sweden.
Talented Pio painted the Rainbow bridge at the Memorial Wall in the hospice.
Federica and Ivan walked many of the clients this weekend. They are super troopers every Saturday.

Pictures Martina Ricci.

Chiara, Marty, Pio, Angelina, Federica, Ivan. Weekend Amore.

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