Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Our hospice is running with a tough schedule but wonderful volunteers. Layla is having a rest after her lovely mom and daughter came all the way from Sweden to visit.
Fantastic donation, thank you Federica and Ivan, you came with food and love. A great day at the hospice and thank you for your help.

Our little raccoon girl, still going strong she is 18-19 years old
The wind was terrible and made some damage that Pio fixed with assistance by Chiara.

Well we all know the story with Ms Moment dumping Shaggy that she had fostered. In an emergency we had to put him in a kennel. Sad part is that he has a family that is only waiting for his passport to take him to his forever home in Sweden.

But Pio and Martina went out to Lega ProAnimale and walked him. He is such a grateful loving dog. His mom in Sweden will have so much fun with him

Thank you all volunteers for being there for them, with 4 legs. That'a Amore!

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